Federico Zanarella

Who I Am

I'm Federico, a 20-year-old boy, born as a bartender who loves good taste (in every sense) 😂. I place a lot of value on friendships and also on the moments of peaceful reflective solitude that I need to empower my energy flows and study new plans. During the night I make some time that I dedicate to quantum mechanics, a matter that is also a lifestyle.
I have worked between the UK and the US in recent years. More and more I am fascinated to study the different psychologies of the various states and of my clients.
At the moment the food and wine side is in the quiescent phase because I am studying how to enhance it much more we will see some good ones. Now I am a consultant of Brave Communication,
I deal with web marketing and communication, really cool!
Many describe me as a very sensitive and empathic person, characteristics that I also recognize, and I manage to exploit them to do good, which is
one of my main goals every day.

Federico Zanarella
Federico Zanarella

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