Laura Di Benedetto

Who I Am

I come from the world of fashion and aesthetics where I worked as a shooting curator. In that environment, every detail is studied first.
At the same time, I realized, dealing with aesthetics start-ups,
that I loved the business side.
I like communicating with people, to probe and get in tune with the customer to sew them on the most suitable solution.
I trained at a major company in Bergamo and ,working for years in the commercial sector,
I refined my empathy to the customer. This has allowed me to improve customer loyalty, care and guidance towards the target.
I don't like to use the term sale, we consultants don't have to sell anything and I never recommend anything that I'm not convinced of.
Before giving any advice to the customer,
I have to believe it myself and this prerogative has always been my guideline since I was technical director aesthetics.
I must propose, in any sector,
the right solution!

Laura Di Benedetto
Laura Di Benedetto

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